9 Thoughts Pregnant Moms Have in the Third Trimester

Anyone who’s had a baby will tell you: The third trimester is no joke. In addition to feeling epically uncomfortable, bloated, and tired as all get-out (who can sleep with a belly that big?!), there’s the loop of thoughts that runs through your mind all day, every day. And frankly speaking, said loop isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.

If you feel like you’re going a little nutso in the last trimester, rest easy (ha!) knowing that you’re definitely not alone. Here are nine thoughts almost all pregnant moms have in the third trimester.

1.I am completely and totally done.

The second trimester is referred to as the “good trimester” for a reason — the morning sickness has usually subsided and you’re not so big that every single thing is uncomfortable. The third trimester? Not so much. Once you get deep into your last trimester, it’s almost impossible to think about anything other than how big and uncomfortable you feel. Not fun. But hey, the good news is you really don’t have much longer to go!

2. But wait — I'm actually not done. 

I'm not ready! While physically you may feel done with pregnancy in your last trimester, it’s doubtful you’ll feel ready emotionally or mentally. Because, honestly, does anyone ever truly feel prepared to, you know, just start raising a human?

3. Life as I know it is ending (sniff).

Whether you have zero kids or five, there’s always something a little bit sad and emotional about saying goodbye to the life you know now. How will things change for you? How will things change for your kids? All very valid questions! You have every right to mourn a little bit each day. Change is hard.

4. I have to squeeze in every little thing I need to do ... now!

There’s a reason you may feel like you’re up against a ticking timer each day — because you are up against a ticking timer each day! While “chilling out” is much easier said than done, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re probably not going to fit in that trip to Machu Picchu you’ve been dreaming about. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to go eventually. Like, in 18 years.

5. I have to clean and organize every little thing in the house ... now! 

The nesting is real in the third trimester — and while it’s kind of fun to really connect with your OCD side, it can also be a little annoying because, dude. Fantasizing about shampooing your rugs and deep-cleaning your window sills is just plain bizarre.

6. Can't wait for baby to get here, already! 

No matter how nervous you are about labor, delivery and parenting, you're also super excited. The final countdown is on and you'll get to meet your baby soon! Some days you feel like you can't wait another second.

7. Grrrr. You’re super pregnant. 

You’re probably not sleeping that well a lot of nights. And you’ve got a ton on your mind. It would be weird if you didn’t find practically everything annoying, at least some of the time.

8. I hope I'm a good mom!

The sheer fact that you’re hoping, wondering and caring about what kind of mom you'll be speaks volumes. Don't worry too much, and try not to give into the #momguilt (it starts early!). You're going to be a great mom.

9. Welp, I’m ready as I’ll ever be, I guess! 

 You may not think this every day during the third trimester, but there will come a time when you just say to yourself, “To hell with trying to be organized and orderly. This baby’s going to come when she/he comes.” And of course that’s exactly when the baby will come!