5 Body Parts I Didn’t Expect to Hurt During Pregnancy

When I got pregnant for the first time, I was nervous and excited to see what changes my body would go through.

I was the first of my young family and close friends to get pregnant, so I didn’t have much warning on what to expect. My mom tried to tell me that when I got closer to term, I might experience some discomfort as the baby expanded and room decreased.

I was prepared for some of those aches and pains, but you know? I was surprised with how early some of the aches came and which body parts felt the pain from the pregnancy.

My head

Early on in the first trimester and going into the second, I would get these annoyingly painful headaches. I was not someone who got a lot of them before pregnancy so it was a surprise to me. Likely due to the hormones, so it eased a bit in the later part of the second trimester.

My feet

I knew that my feet would likely get a little sore as I got near the end of the pregnancy from carrying the extra weight. What I didn’t expect though was how much they ached, even if I didn’t do much walking. Slight swelling in the ankles and feet made even wearing socks uncomfortable.

My hips

I should have known because it just makes sense, but the ache on my hips — I swear that I wasn’t expecting it. It hurt to sit down, to get back up, to roll over, and it just got worse as I got bigger.

My kidneys

I am one of those unfortunate people who develop multiple (as in I’ve passed 24) kidney stones during pregnancy. I wasn’t expecting it, but man, my kidneys felt a lot of pain during pregnancy.

My bellybutton

I didn’t even really know you could feel in your belly button, but as my stomach grew and stretched, so did my bellybutton and the aches began there. It’s not something I was worried about however, it did take me by surprise since I had not seen it mentioned in any of the multiple pregnancy books that I was reading.

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