Why Women Are Stopping Their Periods

Every girl remembers the day that they "became a woman," or rather, had their first period. It was the day their life changed to constant worry about when it was going to show up, the "joy" of PMS, all the stupid jokes people think it's okay to make, and really, really dumb commercials. And I am being nice. 

Having your period is literally one of the worst things ever. I understand that may be dramatic, but I am telling you it is no fun. I often wish that there was a way I could stop having it all together. 

Well, turns out there could be! The research is still new, but there are ways that we can stop our periods if it is something we want to do. 

For many of us, having your period is the worst. 

Often periods come with a lot of baggage like cramps, headaches, changes in mood and weird eating habits, and that is just a nice period. Some women have difficulty functioning while during their time of the month and experience painful, debilitating cramps and migraines. It's honestly no fun at all. 

We have come a long way in taking care of ourselves during these times, but wouldn't it be nice to not have a period at all? 

What are the reasons, aside from the obvious? 

Researchers are currently studying how having fewer periods in a year would improve the quality of life for women in general. Along with the most obvious reasons for wanting to avoid your period, like traveling, getting married or having particularly troublesome periods, there are some other reasons women avoid their periods. 

For example, women who work extreme jobs. When researchers talked to deployed women in the U.S. military, 66% were interested in trying out suppressed periods. Another interested party? Astronauts, which when mentioned only seems to make sense. Do you think a period would be better or worse in space? 

A roadblock to having suppressed periods is the belief that many women believe that not having a regular period will make them unhealthy. 

In a survey conducted by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, 89% of women claimed they were worried that there would be long-term health effects and 66% said that not having a monthly period wouldn't feel healthy. 

It's true that without being on birth control or other medications, not having a regular period is something that should be discussed with your doctor. However, New York Times writer Katie Rogers says it is often forgotten among women that using a hormonal type of birth control means their periods are already artificially induced by stopping hormones for seven days a month. 

Other women fear that not having their period while on birth control will create an unnatural buildup in their uterine lining, but Dr. Erin Saleeby, chairwoman of OB-GYN at Harbor-U.C.L.A. Medical Center, says this is not the case. Dr. Saleeby says, "You don't have a proliferation of that tissue and it's just not there on the same level that you would quote on quote 'need to bleed.'"

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