6 Tips To Help You Cross The First Trimester Mark

Many women have gone on to say that the first trimester of pregnancy is a lot more physically and emotionally taxing than the delivery itself! It is true in many cases as some women experience disastrous symptoms of nausea, fatigue and soreness.

If this is your first time as an expecting-mommy-to-be, here are 6 tips to help you survive your first trimester with decreased levels of discomfort.

- Create your very own barf kit. You will need at least 10 plastic bags rolled up into tiny balls and held together with an elastic band, wet wipes, and ginger-mints. There is no definite time or stimulus that can trigger nausea so it’s best to be prepared at all times.

- Invest in a supply of coconut oil. Use the oil when your nipples are sore, on itchy stretchmarks and for overall skin hydration. Coconut water contains electrolytes, potassium and even prevents dehydration. So yes, swear by coconuts!

- Please, buy yourself new bras. Your breasts are going to feel like they grew over night and you won’t see it coming. The soreness from the excess blood flow to the breasts will make it difficult to wear your usual underwire or lacey bras. Go to stores that are dedicated to women’s undergarments and take the advice of a consultant to help you pick comfortable bras that will continue to fit even with the changes in your breasts. (Psst, sports bras are awesome.)

- Sign up for an acupuncture session, a prenatal massage or even Tai Chi classes and take the break you truly deserve. Acupuncture has known to help women battle symptoms of pregnancy. Prenatal massages will help you relax those worrying nerves. Enroll yourself into Tai Chi or Yoga classes as these forms of exercise are so beneficial to pregnant women. Consult your healthcare provider before booking your slots.

- You might experience the inevitable sleepless nights but don’t let this symptom get the better of you. Buy pillows for your different sleeping positions or just invest in one of those cuddle-worthy maternity body pillows.

- It’s true, water can get boring, but you will be dehydrated and will need to flush out toxins from your body constantly. It will help if you can find creative ways to keep yourself hydrated, such as, stocking up on fruits and nuts to make smoothies and shakes. Did we mention coconut water?You will probably go through the awkward phase when most people will just think you’re fat and have no idea that you’re pregnant. It definitely doesn’t help if symptoms kick in when you’re socializing or just up and about. Remain calm and focus on the bigger picture. Some of the symptoms of the first trimester may persist through the course of your pregnancy, but don’t worry. You are not alone and you can get through this like a boss.

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