5 Signs You’re Fertile Now

Sign 1: You have a heightened sense of smell

Is your partner’s postworkout body odor bothering you more than usual? It may not be his fault. A recent study revealed that a woman’s sense of smell becomes more sensitive in the latter half of a normal menstruation cycle, as you near ovulation (quick refresher: ovulation = best time for trying to conceive). Women in this fertile phase are more likely to be attracted to male pheromone androstenone, which contributes to that strong BO smell.

Sign 2: Your cervical mucus changes consistency

When you’re not ovulating, your discharge may appear sticky, cloudy or even go undetected. But as you near ovulation, your body produces more estrogen, causing your cervical mucus to become stretchy and clear, like egg whites. Keep an eye on your discharge (yes, you’ll have to get used to touching and examining it!), and when you feel that change in consistency, it’s a good indicator you’re at peak fertility. FYI: Your cervix changes too and will become higher, softer and more open during ovulation. While you can check your cervix along with your mucus, it’s a little harder and definitely takes some practice to feel the difference.

Sign 3: You’re feeling (and looking) extra sexy

Mother Nature’s pretty smart. Right around the time you’re ovulating, you might notice your lips are fuller (thanks to increased estrogen), your pupils are dilated and your skin feels softer. These subtle but sexy symptoms not only put you in the mood for babymaking, but your partner’s more drawn to you too. A recent study says that men find women more attractive if they’re nearing ovulation in their monthly cycle, when slight changes in a woman’s voice happen. 

Sign 4: Your saliva changes

It may seem weird, but when you’re about to ovulate, a ferning pattern (like frost on a windowpane) appears in your saliva. That’s a sign your body has had a surge of luteinizing hormones, which occurs right before ovulation. Spotting this pattern requires a fertility microscope and a bit of detective work, but it’s a fun, noninvasive way to figure out when you’re about to ovulate.

Sign 5: Your breasts are more sensitive

You know those days when your boobs feel heavy or achy and all you want to do is come home and rip your bra off? That sensitive time of the month when your breasts and nipples become tender is due to a rush of hormones entering your body right before and after you ovulate.

Source: http://www.thebump.com/a/5-ways-to-tell-youre-fertile