9 Struggles All Ladies Who Take the Pill Understand

1. Having to take it with you everywhere. You’re a woman on the go, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be home at the same time every single day. In this case the old ball and chain isn’t bae, it’s your birth control. Between switching your bag every day and trying to decide whether or not it’s safe to leave it at home just once, this gets old, fast. 

2. Snoozing your 'BC' alarm on your phone a million times because you’re too lazy to take it in that moment. The trouble is that you can’t simply turn off your alarm because if you do that, of course you’ll forget to take it…even if it’s sitting on the table in plain sight.

3. Blaming all of your problems on the Pill. Are you gaining weight? Totally the Pill’s fault. Feeling extra moody? Definitely the Pill, right?

4. Popping it out of the pack actually hurts your thumbs a lot. No, your thumbs are not too sensitive and delicate. Sometimes those suckers just don’t want to come out of the pack and you’re left with a dent in your finger for the next 10 minutes.

5. Forgetting to take it and having to double up. Yes, you’re super responsible and remember to take it *almost* everyday, but no one is perfect. So sometimes you miss a day and have to take two, which is a real pain if you have a sensitive stomach. Pro tip—if this is happening to you on the regular, maybe consider an IUD, which requires zero reminders.

6. Waiting on the red-tape hell that is a prescription re-fill. Ugh, why is getting birth control so difficult, anyway? We’re all just trying to make responsible decisions here…

7. Forgetting to take it too many days in a row and getting your period. Again, mistakes happen. Maybe you misplaced it or maybe you’re being pulled in a billion directions and forgot. The second that crimson tide rolls in (or maybe just a little spot), a second wave of regret washes over you as you go to buy tampons two weeks before you originally planned.

8. Dropping it and spending 20 minutes looking for that tiny guy. God forbid you’re too overzealous about popping that thing out of its package and it misses your palm. Next thing you know you’re on your hands and knees frantically searching for a blue dot smaller than an earring back.

9. Feeling scared that going off it will unleash a plague of acne. This problem is bittersweet. On one side, your skin is the clearest it’s ever been and you are a goddess among women. On the other hand, you’ve been on this thing for the past six years and have no idea what your actual skin looks like without it. Will there be an acne eruption? No one knows.

Source: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/birth-control-pill-struggles