Is Your Birth Control Leaving You Sleepless?

Doctors say that women have a harder time sleeping than men. Thanks to hormonal fluctuations, women are facing difficulty when getting a good night sleep. One of the culprit of this damage is birth-control pill. Should you get rid of the pill to be able to sleep better? Not yet.

What happens to your body when you’re not on the pill? Your levels of estrogen and progesterone dictate when an egg is released, and have an impact on your core body temperature. If you have noticed, taking birth control pills, you will know that happens quite often to you.

Biologically, the start of your period is considered day one of your menstrual cycle. When another egg is released halfway through your cycle, hormone progesterone spikes up and will stay elevated until a few days before your next date.

This period is known as premenstrual phase, when women’s temperatures are about one-half to one degree higher than during the rest of the month, also at night.

This small change in your body temperature can keep you up at night. Our temperature is high during the day, which declines before we go to bed, gradually hitting the lowest point overnight. But rise in a degree can make you feel restless throughout the night.

Several researches state that women have a difficulty is sleeping during the premenstrual phase, and this could contribute to sleep disturbances. In a study, it was observed that women who took birth control pills had less sleep over women who didn’t.

Although, there are some women who sleep better by taking the pills. Oral contraceptives widely react differently to different people. It is time to check with your doctor before changing those pills.