Want to Get Pregnant (Or Make Sure You Don’t)? There’s a Gadget for That

By measuring your basal body temperature, or your lowest body temperature of the day, the Femometer is a smart fertility thermometer that aims to “help women understand their reproductive cycles so they can get pregnant faster or avoid pregnancy all together.”

Your basal body temp rises in the few days right after you ovulate due to hormonal changes. By tracking your temps and knowing exactly when they’re going to rise, the Femometer can predict the windows when you’re most fertile. The thermometer itself comes in a small tube (the design was inspired by lipstick ;) and you use it just like you would a traditional thermometer, under your tongue. The Femometer itself also comes in lots of color choices, like purple, pink, white, light blue and, for a limited time, rose gold.

There’s also an accompanying smartphone app that will work on both iOS and Android. The app will tell you things like your likelihood of conception on any given day, and after just 30 days of consistent use, the algorithm will learn your body’s patterns.

Whether you’re maybe baby or definitely not, it’s always good to know your body better.

Source: http://www.brit.co/fertility-tracker-femometer/