Use Machine Learning to Predict When You’ll Get Pregnant

‘Whether you think you might be pregnant, or you’re simply trying not to ruin your favorite pair of underwear, Femometer can tell you when and why your period is coming.’

Femometer is hypersensitive to even the slightest fluctuations in body temperature (up to one hundredth of a degree), making its readings and forecasting ability more precise than anything that’s ever come before it. Intelligent tracking algorithms learn the nuances of your body thanks to automatic app syncing to signal changes in your fertility cycle. It also keeps track of when you need to take the pill, cramps you’ve had, frequency of sex, fevers, cervical fluid and periods.

With a battery that lasts upwards of six months, the water-resistant thermometer is durable and made to last, meaning you’ll always know before your period comes or why its running late. Knowing when you’re at a higher risk of pregnancy will further aid you in taking steps toward prevention (or not, if you’re trying for a baby). Its also great for women already pregnant and in their first trimester, helping to collect data that can be transmitted to a doctor immediately.

Using the Femometer is as simple as taking your temperature first thing when you wake up, then manually inputting period days, pill days, ramps, discharge, sex days and fever—after which your phone will work to graph the information and present a comprehensive chart of your quantified self. For enhanced customization, you’ll be able to set notifications of your preference to notify you regarding your period, fertility window, PMS and when it’s time to see a doctor.

Available in white, pink, hot pink, rose gold and lavender, get your Femometer off Indiegogo for $49 USD + shipping.