6 Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Organic red raspberry leaf tea is a herbal remedy often recommended in the last stages of pregnancy by nurse-midwives in the United States. The nutrients in it could help improve uterine muscle tone and prepare your body for labor, easing the birth of your baby. You may also experience a reduced need for interventions like a vacuum-assisted or forceps delivery, and the artificial rupture of membranes. But you should still be cautious and consult your doctor or midwife before you start using raspberry tea leaf.

Herbal teas have been used by midwives and alternative therapists to help pregnant women through their pregnancy for the longest time. Red raspberry leaf tea is one such natural remedy for a host of challenges linked with the third trimester like labor and childbirth, besides easing nausea of early pregnancy. And this is precisely why it is so popular. In fact, one poll found that of the 52 percent women using herbal remedies, 63 percent had tried raspberry leaf tea.

The Goodness Of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Before diving into whether or not you should actually be drinking the tea, here’s a look at what makes it a favorite with so many pregnant women and some midwives. Raspberry leaves contain beneficial compounds like natural antioxidants, including ellagic acid, flavonoids, and tannins. Tea brewed from these leaves could potentially help you tap its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, diuretic, and relaxant effects.

Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, raspberry leaf tea is one of the “pregnancy teas” that could help you in various ways while you have a baby on board. It could allow you to reduce the chance of issues like prolonged labor and preterm labor, and ease other pregnancy-related problems like nausea. It could even help tone up your uterine muscles, making your body better prepared for the rigor of pregnancy.

Prepare Your Body For Labor: Tone And Relax Uterine Muscles

Research has found that raspberry leaves can help relax the various muscles in the body, including the walls of your uterus. This can help ease labor in pregnant women who consume it late in their pregnancy. It is also believed to help tone up your pelvic muscles as well as uterine muscles to make delivery easier. Ironically, it is both a muscle relaxant and stimulant, properties that help with menstrual problems as well.

Shorten Labor And Decrease Risk Of Pre/Post-Term Gestation

Another possible benefit of raspberry leaf tea is its ability to help shorten labor without impacting you or your baby adversely. It could even lower your chances of having a preterm birth or a baby who is overdue.

Reduce Interventions During Childbirth

The American Pregnancy Association says that raspberry leaf tea could help reduce the need for interventions during childbirth. One study of 108 pregnant women suggests that those who consumed raspberry leaf products may be less likely to require artificial membrane rupture, caesarean sections, vacuum or forceps births.

Help Milk Production When Breastfeeding

Wondering if you should continue having raspberry leaf tea post pregnancy? Here’s some food for thought. An iron-rich tea, raspberry leaf tea is also said to help boost milk production in women after childbirth. A galactagogue, the herbal tea brewed from the leaves of the raspberry plant can help women who need help with stimulating milk supply.

Drink Up The Nutrients

Another reason midwives love red raspberry leaf tea is because it is chock-full of nutrients. According to the Royal College Of Midwives in the UK, the leaves are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as iron, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. The magnesium is great for strengthening the womb by helping build uterine muscle tone.

Other Possible Benefits

There are also some benefits that need further study. You are advised to check with your healthcare provider before experimenting with the tea for these possible benefits.

Ease Nausea: Morning sickness can be a huge problem for many pregnant women. Among alternative herbal remedies used, besides chamomile, ginger, and peppermint, is raspberry leaf tea.

Reduce Postpartum Hemorrhage: There are also suggestions that raspberry leaf tea might help reduce postpartum hemorrhage, though this has not been adequately proven.

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