4 Bathing Tips For Pregnant Women

Did you know that besides million other changes that happen during pregnancy, the change in the way you bathe also affects the health of the growing baby? Have a look at this checklist before you step into the bath next time.

4 Bathing Tips For Pregnant Women

1. Temperature Check

Neither too hot nor too cold water is good for pregnant women. Bathing in very hot water will increase the body temperature of pregnant women. This might lead to increase in the heart rate and decrease in the blood flow to your body which can cause fetal distress. Especially in the first trimester, it can lead to birth defects in the baby and also other brain or spine related problems. Taking bath in very cold water also pose many risks. You catch infections like cold and flu easily. Maintaining the right temperature for bath and checking before bathing is important.

Warm water bath is ideal to unwind and relax.

2. Rules Before Washing Hair

Pregnancy can tire you easily with all that extra weight that you are carrying around. Your back might be stressed and taking a shower could help you relax and induce sleep. But while washing your hair, make sure you don’t sit on your heels or stand too long. Checking the temperature of the water is essential.

Or would it be too good if you go to a hygienic parlor to wash your hair? Try it out.

3. Bath Time

Taking a refreshing bath is sure gonna help you relax. It also provides relief from edema (swelling in the legs). Warm water bath will be soothing and gives relief from pain. If your bathroom space is not too big, you shouldn’t bathe too long. It might make you feel dizzy due to decrease in the blood flow. Cramped and hot spaces could make you feel nauseous.

So watch the time when you take bath next time!

4. Shower Is Better

Generally doctors suggest pregnant women to stay out of hot tubs and saunas. The elevated body temperature can be dangerous for the growing baby. Also, chances of bacterial infections through vagina is very high. Infections could even lead to premature births.

Finally, remember that the center of gravity tends to shift during pregnancy, which can throw you off balance. Be very cautious of slips or falls while getting in and out of the tub.