Will Having an Orgasm Ease Your Menstrual Cramps? Here's What a Doctor Says

When your period is around the corner and your cramps gradually start to kick in, the first things you reach for are ibuprofen and a hot water bottle (and maybe some dark chocolate). One PMS remedy you may have never considered, though, is having sex. Before you cringe and back away, hear us out. Medical professionals say that having an orgasm can actually help relieve your menstrual cramps.

POPSUGAR spoke to Jennifer Wider, MD, a renowned women's health expert and author, who explained the connection between sex and menstrual cramps. First of all, she confirmed that it is, in fact, true. Sex can help you beat your cramps.

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"The reason that having an orgasm can help ease menstrual cramps is because when a woman climaxes, more blood rushes to the uterus, which can help with cramps," Dr. Wider said. "At the same time, her body releases chemicals that function as pain killers." Essentially, your orgasms are performing a double service for you, which will make your period a lot easier to deal with.Having sex isn't the only way to relieve your menstrual cramps, so don't feel like you have to participate in the activity if you don't want to. You can always stick with your trusty over-the-counter pain medication and hot water bottle if that's your favorite way to unwind. Don't forget, though, that flying solo between the sheets can provide you with just as much relief as having sex with a partner.

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In case you were wondering, yes, Dr. Wider has heard from plenty of people that orgasms have worked for their cramps. "Many women attest to this," she told POPSUGAR. "I would recommend it as long as women practice safe sex."

What do you have to lose? Give it a shot and see if that orgasm helps you conquer PMS.